Fairy Tail : 10 choses que les fans ne savent jamais sur la distribution principale, partie 1

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast

Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Erza are all main characters in Fairy Tail, but there are still many things that loyal audiences might not know about them.

Few anime have as large a main cast as Fairy Tail. While many focus on one or two characters in Dragon Ball or robust side characters in One Piece, few have a core four quite like Fairy Tail. Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Erza are without a doubt all main characters, each having multiple story arcs that delve into their past and beyond. That’s one of the strengths Fairy Tail has, despite Natsu being the poster child, he’s not the only character that matters. Thankfully, he doesn’t hog screen time either. 

Below you’ll find out more than a few details you may not have known about the core four, including scrapped ideas by Mashima.

1. Natsu’s Scarf Is Made Of Igneel’s Scales

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast

This one is both sad and heartwarming at the same time. With someone like Natsu, you had to assume that the scarf he always wore was more than just a fashion choice. For the longest time, all we knew was it had immunity to his flames, explaining why it survived his fights.

It’s later revealed that it’s the scales of his foster father, Igneel. Not only that, it possessed the ability to absorb magic, as shown in episode 101 during the Tenrou Island arc. It manages to keep Natsu safe from Zeref’s death predation, at the expense of its all-white coloring.

2. Natsu Was Meant To Have Horns

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast

Originally Natsu was meant to have horns, likely to pay homage to the fact that his father was Igneel, a dragon. Thankfully, they didn’t go that route as it would have been a little too on the nose. His character works far better being more humanoid than some hybrid.

That’s not to say some of the forms, like the one pictured above, don’t look amazingly badass. They do, but that feeling would have been lessened if he simply walked around his everyday life like that. It’s the reason even the author made a joke about it during the Edolas arc.

3. Natsu Was Named Salamander Due To Japanese Mythology

Most assume the name comes from Salamanders being similar in look to dragons, both being lizards. That isn’t the case, however. The meaning is more ingrained in Japanese mythology, relating to a tale of a fire that consumed an entire forest.

As the fires died down, the only creature that remained was the salamander. This hints at them both being resistant to flames, but also able to absorb them. There isn’t a more apt description for someone like Natsu who is practically the living embodiment of the flame.

4. Lucy Is Named After A Beatles Song

Anyone who’s ever listened to The Beatles knows the song in question. It’s one of their many hits, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” Hiro Mashima is on record in stating he came up with the name while listening to the song. It’s a cool tidbit that not every character’s name is meant to be a reference to something, sometimes it’s a spur of the moment. Inspiration for names can be found anywhere.

That said, the name and song are very fitting considering that she’s a celestial mage and that when she’s first introduced, she’s incredibly vain.

5. Lucy Was Originally Meant To Use Cards

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast

Rather than keys, Lucy was going to throw cards to summon her spirits. Mashima smartly axed that idea as it’d been used repeatedly, especially by Cana, who was part of the same guild as Lucy. While Cana rarely fought, you always want to avoid redundancy as often as you can as an author.

Another tidbit is that initial designs had her with curly locks that split into two ponytails. It’d give her a look that many animes use for rich young girls, of which Lucy would be. The design they went with worked far better, helping skew certain clichés and making Lucy who she is.

Above are the top 5 fun facts about the main cast of Fairy Tail, we hope that the post entertains you. 

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