Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast Part 2

Continuing the previous part, today we bring you 5 more interesting facts about the main cast of Fairy Tail.

6. Gray Was Meant To Be An Ice Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast Part 2
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast Part 2

Originally Mashima wanted him to be an Ice dragon slayer, toying with the idea as far as the Tenrou Island arc. He eventually decided to make him the Ice Devil Slayer before writing the Grand Magic Games. Shows you how often writers fly by the seat of their pants, making things up as they go along. Not everyone is a Tolkien who plotted out every single detail.

It makes sense why Mashima would want him to be one as well. The dragon slayers were the focal point of the show outside of Erza and Lucy. Gray needed something to help boost him up to their level, considering his status as the main character.

7. Gray Was Going To Tie Into Rave Master

Rave Master was Mashima’s first work and one he worked in hints of throughout Fairy Tail. You can see that from this picture alone, as Plue was in both series, his role in Rave Master being just a bit more pronounced.

How Gray would tie in is the front cross hanging from his neck. It was meant to be a rave. Thankfully that idea got nixed, as crossovers such as that always end up messy. Little hints like Plue are one thing, but you can’t carry over crucial parts of the plot. It would have severely hampered the character of Gray as well.

8. Erza Looked Like An Amazon

Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast Part 2
Fairy Tail: 10 Things Fans Never Know About The Main Cast Part 2

Above is the concept of what Erza was origin

ally supposed to look like. While we all love how the finished product turned out, this makes Erza look even more badass. It also fits in with her personality better than the one Mashima decided on too. That strict and overbearing persona she has just oozed from these two pictures.

One problem would have been how her magic would have worked as a more survivalist amazon rather than the knight she was in the show. Equip magic flows far better with someone who is almost always in armor.

9. Erza Was Made Up On The Fly

This is one of the least surprising things on this list for anyone who’s watched the show. Not because it’s a well-known fact because it isn’t, but due to how many of her fights went. There were many fights where it felt like she pulled an armor or weapon out of her ass that just so happened to be perfect for that situation.

The fact Mashima was just equipping backstory and magic to her as the story went along makes all sorts of sense. He’s on record as saying he either had her go with the flow of the story or made up a plot detail on the spot. With how good the Tower of Heaven was, it’s crazy that it was mostly improvised.

10. Tower Of Heaven Was Meant To Be Far Different

The moment pictured above wasn’t supposed to be a dream, it was meant to be the reality. That’s right, everything up to Erza remembering her time as a slave was all going to be a dream of the future. While it’s a cool concept, doing the whole “it’s all a dream” sequence rarely works out well. They end up wiping away all the connections made before the reveal, more often than not, negating everything that came before it.

It was meant to reference an old Chinese tale called Dream of a Butterfly. Remnants of the idea work their way into chapter 75 of the manga, small butterflies appearing in Erza’s dream.

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